Monday, October 7, 2013

Ron Bizzle

Thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. HGMM like yourself is about spreading the love of music and giving artists the opportunity to be heard.

Let's start with the basics...

How did you get started filming SL musicians and who was your first one?

I have always had a desire to take snapshots of images I see on my monitor and I attended a Tallguy Kidd (Dale Marsh) show one day and started taking snapshots.. and recorded some of the music he was streaming. By doing a little research, I learned how to edit these images and recorded audio into a video.  Producing videos has become a major part of my life now.

What is involved in creating one of your videos, could you walk us thru the
process of the work you put into it?

I use a program called Fraps that allows me to capture whatever I may see on my monitor and I use another program to record the audio. Fraps does allow the option to record audio but by doing so, the files (clips) become very large and take up alot of disk space on my computer hard-drive.

I use Sound Forge for editing audio tracks I recorded during a show and I use Sony Vegas for editing Frap clips and audio tracks into videos.

Do you work alone or do you have a staff?

I work alone and I often receive request from people interested of me to film a show.

How do you go about choosing who to film?
Normally I film shows on a whim.  I often check to see what performers are playing by looking at the "live music" events list and I check to see what venues they are playing at because some venues do not allow shows to be filmed. 

I favor such venues as Guthries Folk Club owned by Dottie Iceberg.. she has always shown support of my work as do a lot of other venue owners (I have a very long list of venue owners who support my work actually).

As a fellow member of the SL media, I know how many hours and money goes into
helping to spread the world of music. How do you fund your venture?

For the most part, I fund it myself...I have gone through 4 computers in past 5 years.  Sometimes I receive tips or donations given to me by grateful performers, venue owners and fans of my work. I use all tips I receive to help support the Second Life music community. I tip venues, performers, host and I also give to charities such as Relay For Life and Feed A Smile when I am able to do so. My venture of producing Second Life live music videos is not about the money, its about preserving history and I am grateful for those who have given me this opportunity.

Ron, there has been some "stir" on Facebook and in the world of SL regarding
some of the musicians not wanting to be filmed. What do you believe is at the
foundation, what's at the core of these controversies?
It is very rare that a performer will not allow me to film their shows. Those that don't allow me to film their shows, are protecting their original material and I respect their decision. I have no desire to infringe upon anyone that does not wish to be filmed or recorded. 

  My feelings are hurt when some venue owners refuse me permission to film despite the fact a performer has given permission. I find this very frustrating to say the least as most performers I have filmed have become very close friends to me now.

In response to this "stir" you mention, you might say I have my own feud going on with quite a few people including venue owners whom have made claims of me filming shows without permissions yet fail to provide any names of such performers nor has any performers come forward to back up those accusations made against me.  One venue owner sent me a message saying "I'd like you to know, I'm the one who started a campaign against you" although I have never even filmed a show at their venue.  I guess some people have nothing better to do than to "stir" up trouble for me.

Ron this is your chance to speak your side and make others understand what you are trying to do.

Simply to be able to go about my love of filming, to make others happy, to promote Second Life live music and preserve the history. Preserving it for not only the performers but for their families, their fans and the general public of both real life and Second Life community. 

Over the past few years of filming shows, we have lost a few Second Life performers such as Kelvinblue Oh, Micki Underwood and KevinBear Watanabe who have passed away in real life. I have received many messages from their families and fans thanking me for keeping the memory of them alive by capturing their shows. This gives me great pride, in what I have been able to do.

What are your plans for the future of your films?
To keep preserving Second Life music, seek new performers as they arrive in Second Life and promote their music.

Is there that one artist you want to film but haven't been able to catch up with?
Not really. lol :)..... I love them all.

Who has been your favorite artist to film so far and why?
I could never identify a favorite... that would be impossible. I have no favorites... they all mean a great deal to me.

Anything else you'd like to share with the folks?

I would like the performers and venue owners to know I am not behind any sort of griefing.

It has been brought to my attention that griefers have crashed Sims during shows and then tell the performers and the venues owners that I hired them to do it.  There is no truth to this what so ever.  They have been harassing me for over a year now and they just crashed the Sim this morning where Anna and I just set up our new venture.. a place where people can come in world and view our work on a big screen. 

Linden Lab boast about how many people log in each month, how much money is being generated, but fail to mention the fact griefers are ruining Second Life and that Linden Lab does not have any control of the situation. They would like for everyone to think Second Life is a bed of roses when in truth it isn't. They delete a griefer account and within 5 minutes, they come right back using another account/new IP address.  Griefers show no mercy....they will crash Relay For Life and Feed A Smile events and not even give it a second thought.
So with this combination of griefers harassing us, following us every where we go, crashing our home and venue sims along with the false accusations spoken against me.. it has brought a lot of stress into my life.. I pray for happiness and to get back into the spirit of making Second Life live music videos. 

I appreciate this opportunity of you to conduct an interview.

Robert69 Little aka Ron Bizzle  

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