Thursday, April 11, 2013


Evan Olmos is an energetic, young new comer to the SL music scene; who I stumbled upon quite by accident on my way to another show and couldn't bring myself to leave. He's funny
and charming and everything the young ladies will fall in love with ;) His voice is strong
yet sweet and tender enough to swoon the gals. He's a sweetheart to boot!

Dreams Riler: How do you juggle school and music?

Evan Olmos: I have been lucky this semester to not have that many classes to attend because it is my last semester so it makes it easier to play in SL and go to all my classes.

Dreams: You're so young, when did you first start playing guitar?

Evan: I started playing guitar when I was a senior in high school at age 18.

Dreams: How long have you been performing for others and do you play in local venues?

Evan: I started playing for little groups of friends at bonfires to build up my confidence a little and then gradually started playing for larger crowds. Now I play at coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, high schools and my college and I love every second of it.

Dreams: When did you find SL? How did you find it?

Evan: My dad first introduced me to SL about 2 years ago. He plays in SL and had me play a song at one of his shows ad I loved it so that's how I got started.

Dreams: What SL venues have you played in?

Evan: Ecnad, Kicken, Mad Hatter, among others!

Dreams: Who is your inspiration?

Evan: My dad. He has always loved music and has always stuck with it and worked hard to achieve his musical goals and that's really what I want to do and he has thought me a lot about not giving up on something you love doing.

Dreams: What do you like to do in SL besides perform?

Evan: I rarely do anything on SL other than performing.

Dreams: Have you heard any of the other SL musicians? Who are some of your favorites?

Evan: Acoustic Energy, but that's biased because that's my dad haha Chapman Zane is also another great artist that needs some recognition.

Dreams: Why did you decide to bring your music into SL?

EvanI thought it would be a great opportunity to reach people that I probably wouldn't reach if I were to just put my music on Sound cloud or YouTube.

Dreams: Do you have music for sale?

EvanNo, all my music is free

DreamsAre you currently working on any projects?

EvanI am learning new songs, recording a cover cd and posting YouTube videos.

DreamsWhat do you see for the future of your music?

Evan: I think I can go far if I keep working hard and keep learning from other musicians and stay relevant.

Dreams: Usually I ask seasoned performers what advice they would give new comers, in your case... I'd like to ask you, if you could ask the seasoned musicians some questions, what would they be?

Evan: Hmmm, great question... I think I would ask them how many times they were knocked down and almost didn't want to get up and what caused them to keep getting up time and time again.

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