Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sonia Eden

HGMM stumbled upon this young woman on Reverbnation. Her voice will touch and make you a part of the passion that flows through her music. In continuing our goal of bringing you only the BEST ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you... Sonia Eden!

How did I develop my sound:

It's been a really organic process- I like to write with Chords and tones which inspire the melodies which live inside of me.Sometimes I'll hear a particular chord or tone and I'll instantly get a melody line and we just go from there.
My producer on my first two CD's Duane Skerritt ("Pieces of Me" and "Truth Love and Life")  likes to build the track around my voice...he uses tones and instrument which compliment my tone.

How long have i been singing:

lol..I've been singing all my life.....seriously singing well I've been doing that for the past eight years.

Who are my influences:

I'm influenced by people who have touched my life in good or challenging ways..Musically I've always loved Bob Marley,Sting,Bonnie Raitt,Amy Wine house,Dinah Washington,My producer Duane Skerritt, Victor Linton( My guitar teacher,Mentor and colleague) to name a few.

Do I perform in local venues:

Yes I opened at the Virgin Holidays Music Festival in Barbados....I've played Surfer's Cafe..I get together with a group of musicians and we have a jam at a place called Pelican (The Harbor Road).

Achievements or awards:

The greatest achievement I've had in my musical journey is just the blessing of inspiration and I'm thankful for the melodies and all the musical ideas I've had. Music is really it's own reward.

Future goals for my music:

I want to continue to develop my sound-grow as an artist,a musician,a performer...develop my ability to connect with my audience and share my musical journey with my fans and people in a meaningful way....If being signed to a label allows me to do that then I'm happy for it.

Biggest Challenges breaking into the music industry

Getting heard by the people who have the ability to take my musical career to a new level Funding

You can listen to Sonia at the following links ( Spotify)

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