Monday, January 28, 2013


If you follow HGMM then you already noticed a few changes, the logo and look is different and there was no Jan. issue. Due to my busy real life schedule and because the emails to HGMM are greater than the number of staff I have to handle them I have taken the pressure of a schedule off of myself. I'm still gonna TRY to get it out around a monthly time table, but rather than rush through writing an article and giving you dry reading material I am still striving to bring you only the best most interesting stories worthy of HGMM. The next issue will be out very soon and you will be able to request a printed copy.

There will soon if not in the next day or two be an in world office where you will be able to apply to work with us and grab back issues, plus it's just posh to have an office LOL

Thank you for your continued support of HGMM and don't forget you can have YOUR ad placed here for your shows, your venues, your real world businesses by contacting us.

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